The Book Seer

One of my not-book blogs this morning featured a new (to me) site:

The Book Seer

Where you put in the title and author of a book you've enjoyed and it crawls through Amazon, BookArmy, and LibraryThing and recommends what you should read next.

Attempt one: the book I'm currently reading: Tool or Die (I know, I should spread them out more but I can't help myself...)

It gave me nothing (but recommended I ask my librarian, natch) so I entered a classic:

and got a nice list...of books I've already read.

It's bookmarked for the next time I hit a dry spot...in 2012, probably.

It's a cold, chilly weekend here in the Bay Area, perfect for a fire, peppermint cocoa, and a good book, don't you think?

Have a good weekend!

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